Our Services & Fees

Our home inspection service comes as a complete package as outlined below.
No need to price out items one at a time.

Our inspection package includes such items as:

  • Inspect Grounds
  • Inspect Roofing
  • Inspect Exterior of structure
  • Inspect Garage
  • Inspect Kitchen
  • Inspect Bathrooms
  • Inspect Interior
  • Inspect Plumbing
  • Inspect Heating
  • Inspect Electric
  • Inspect Fireplaces
  • Inspect Foundations
  • Inspect Appliances
  • Inspect Carbon monoxide detection
  • So much more!

Service DescriptionOur Fee

Single Family Residence Up To 2,000 square feet250.00
Mobile Home250.00
Additional 500 square feet for above inspections50.00
Pool/Spa and related Equipment InspectionFREE
Re-inspection (fee is half the original inspection fee)½ of fee
For each additional building on property50.00
Single item inspections (plumbing, heating, electrical etc.)Call

We thoroughly inspect all furnaces for compliance with new California code requirements.

We check for termite activity and mold activity and may recommend further inspection by appropriate companies if suspected.

A full, written report with comments and photographs is included.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact us.